As a member of the senate I will only vote for bills that decrease government and protect our freedoms. You know how to best live your life, not the government. Government should intervene less and every time it’s possible, we should defer to the free market and to individual initiative instead of imposing new laws. By letting the government grow we are allowing our liberties to be taken away one by one.

Year after year it seems as if our government cries for more tax revenue. I say enough! Our founding fathers never envisioned a system where people would pay 30%, 40% or even 50% of their income in taxes. No wonder people are living paycheck to paycheck! 2020 has already been a challenging year. We have all had to tighten our belts and do more with less. Shouldn’t your government do the same?

If you want to start your own business you shouldn’t have to ask the government for permission; whether you want to cut hair, do nails, or drive Uber these are industries that do not need to be regulated by the government. Why pay for expensive regulations when all you want to do is make a living and take care of your family?


This is simple. The second Amendment ensures all Americans the right to bear arms and that right shall not be infringed. As a member of Gun Owners of America, I oppose all laws that restrict the ability of honest, peaceful citizens to purchase and keep any firearm they wish.


I believe in free-market education where parents, teachers, and students, not the government, should make their own choices on education. One-size-fits-all education, as mandated by the Department of Education, is holding Oklahoma’s children back. Every child is different. Every community is different. Whether you believe in public school, private school, charter school, or home schooling this is your choice.